Stamina Philosophy

What is STAMINA all about?

What is Stamina all about?

STAMINA is a whole body workout program that offers what its name implies: superior physical fitness accompanied by the mental endurance to embrace whatever challenge the participant is training for, even if it is just everyday life.

This newly designed program integrates all aspects of fitness into one complete workout. Each of our trainers brings a fresh look into Stamina class routines, incorporating areas of old school cross training, TRX work, spinning, plyometric bursts, sport-specific movements, and plenty of core exercise.

The uniqueness of the individuals makes Stamina different

  • Each trainer is focused on you individually.
  • Small group sizes averaging between 4 to 10 clients at a time allow us to provide more personal attention.
  • This allows us to cater to specific needs and accommodate when necessary.
  • Safety and security are a top priority in our workout space.

Variety brings enjoyment

  • Each workout will have anywhere from 10-30 different movements involving a full body tone each and every time.
  • The variety provides the stimulation and challenge that comes from not knowing and being ready for anything.
  • It is enjoyable to do moves that are new and unexpected from yourself.
  • Many moves can be taken home and practiced away from the gym.

Effectiveness and Sustainability are long-term goals of the Stamina workout.

  • This is accomplished by recognizing the many dimensions of our movement needs.
  • Stamina is all about moving the body in different planes in addition to the vertical: not everything is up and down (push ups, pull ups, squats).
  • Stamina includes a variety of transverse and or twisting motions into its routines gearing its workout into an everyday type program as well as catering to outdoor activities like skiing, tennis, cycling, swimming, running, and almost any sport.